Advance WordPress training in Kolkata

advance wordpress training in kolkata

WordPress Training In Kolkata – Become a PRO Within 2 months with our advanced WordPress training courses

Are you looking forward to building your career with the most popular CMS or planning to join advanced WordPress training courses? Join My Tutor for WordPress Training In Kolkata from any where around the globe. We have both online and offline training program that covers advance techniques and best practices. The aim of our WordPress training online is to make you a pro developer.

WordPress is an open-source content management system developed in PHP and MySQL. It so happened when developers Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to create a blogging platform on 2003. Today it is commonly used in blogs, forum, online gallery, e-commerce stores etc. As per Wikipedia: WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites as of April 2018. Thus you could expect to have a huge demand for trained developers.

WordPress is powered by its core module, template system, and plugin architecture. This makes the platform stable, and adapt as per the requirement. With the introduction of 5.0 on November 2018 WordPress has taken a drastic change. It deprecated all outdated functionalities & introduces many new ones. Our interactive and extensive course will help you learn PHP for WordPress development.

WordPress is closely related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Therefore to be a WordPress developer you have to follow W3C & Google recommendations. Speed optimization, cross-browser & cross-device compatibility is equally important. Being an academy for Advanced WordPress Training in Kolkata, we have special modules for all.

Advanced WordPress Development Course Units

  • Setting up and Installing WordPress.
  • Getting familiar with the WordPress dashboard.
  • Gutenberg Editor.
  • WordPress Premium Theme.
  • Learn PHP for WordPress Development.
  • MySQL for WordPress Development.
  • JavaScript, jQuery for WordPress Development.
  • WordPress Theme Development.
  • WordPress Woocommerce Training.
  • WordPress Plugin Development.
  • Tips and Tricks for Speed Optimization.
  • SEO Support and W3C Validation.

If you are completely new to WordPress Training In Kolkata, My Tutor has 6 hours of complete introductory classes. You can watch, listen and interact with your trainer wherever you feel struck and the need of explanation. Hence, reinforce your learning with our live project classes and additional practical tasks and practice exercises. After the completion, you can be efficient enough to plan, execute and monitor WordPress Design, Development projects on your own.

Becoming a WordPress Developer and pursuing it as a profession will require time. Our experts understand the future and the need for proper education. If you want to explore beyond plugins and move past the industry standards, surely join My Tutor to learn WordPress online and prove yourself to be true Digital Marketing Professional.

My Tutor as a WordPress training institute in Kolkata, allows everyone irrespective of their language preference and geographical barrier acquire knowledge from the best WordPress instructors. Our WordPress wooCommerce training specialists are industry professionals with years of teaching expertise in web design and web development. Learn directly from these instructors in live, small-group classes consisting of one to four.

The advanced WordPress development course and learn PHP for WordPress development program is also suitable for those IT companies who want to train their employees with the latest market updates and the systematic way developing a website through WordPress.

Who Can Learn Advance WordPress Training?

  • Any graduate like BA, B.Sc, B.Com etc, any post-graduate like MA, M.Sc, M.Com etc.
  • Any Engineering degree holder like BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, BCA, MCA etc.
  • Any Diploma holder like Polytechnique etc.
  • Any Management degree holder like BBA, MBA, PGDBA etc.
  • IT professionals, internet enthusiasts & programmers.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing professionals.
  • Social media optimization and marketing professionals.


Monday to Sunday: 3 days per week in 2 months

For more details about our WordPress training in Kolkata, contact us at +919123055737 or

WordPress Development Course Syllabus

Setting up and Installing WordPress

Introduction to Server
  • What is Domain & Hosting?
  • Setting up FREE Domain & Hosting.
  • Understanding MySQL Database.
  • Understanding file transfer with File Manager & FTP.
  • One-click installation.
  • Disadvantages of one-click installation.
  • Manual WordPress installation.
  • Best practices for WordPress installation.

Getting familiar with the WordPress dashboard

WordPress themes and plugins
  • What is WordPress Theme?
  • WordPress default Themes & their uses.
  • Choosing right theme for the project.
  • Factors to choose the right plugin.
wordpress settings
  • General settings in WordPress.
  • WordPress SEO settings.
  • Image settings.
  • Security settings.
Pages, posts, category & tags
  • Add, Edit, Delete posts and pages.
  • What are Categories and Tags?
  • Create and assign Categories and Tags
  • WordPress Media Library and Widgets.

Gutenberg Editor

Learning html for wordpress
  • <p>, <span>, <ul>, <strong>, <a>, <em>.
  • HTML <table>
  • Inline CSS & selectors
  • Basic CSS properties.
Gutenberg page builder part-1
  • The concept of Block in Gutenberg Page Builder.
  • Uses of the column in Gutenberg Page Builder.
  • Learning Gutenberg Common Blocks.
  • Understanding Gutenberg Formatting Blocks.
Gutenberg page builder part-2
  • Learning Gutenberg Layout Elements Block.
  • Uses of Inline Elements Block.
  • Learning Gutenberg Widgets Block.
  • Understanding Embeds Block.
Extending Gutenberg page builder
  • Why we need to extend Gutenberg Block.
  • Installing extended Gutenberg Block plugins.
  • Implementing extended Gutenberg Block.
  • Best practices for Gutenberg Block.

WordPress Premium Theme

working with wordpress premium theme
  • Installing premium theme and plugins.
  • Importing demo data.
  • Working with premium page builder.
  • Playing with Theme options and slider.

Learn PHP for WordPress Development

php for wordpress Part-1
  • Installing Xampp & executing the first line of code.
  • Variables, Constants, and Data Type.
  • Operators & shorthand.
  • If, Else, ElseIf.
  • Switch.
php for wordpress part-2
  • While Loop.
  • For and ForEach Loop.
  • Array.
  • Functions.
  • Sessions and Cookies.

MySQL for WordPress Development

Learn MySQL for WordPress
  • Creating Database and Tables.
  • Select value from Database.
  • Insert value in Database.
  • Update value in Database.
  • Delete value frm Database.

JavaScript, jQuery for WordPress Development

Learn basic javascript and jquery
  • JavaScript, jQuery – Basics.
  • Selectors.
  • CSS Methods.
  • DOM Manipulation.
  • Effects.

WordPress Theme Development

WordPress folder and db structure
  • Going through WordPress Folder Structure.
  • Walk through WordPress Database.
Getting Started with theme development
  • Creating Child Theme from Starter Theme.
  • Configuring Child Theme with custom CSS & JS files.
  • Adding Google Fonts to the theme.
  • Customizing header.php.
  • Customizing footer.php.
Developing the home page
  • Adding Logo & Favicon to the website.
  • Adding a slider.
  • Customizing the remaining sections as per design.
Advance theme functionalities
  • Registering custom Navigation menu.
  • Adding custom Post Type.
  • Registering custom Terms and Taxonomy.
  • Adding new Sidebar.
Some common features
  • Adding Lightbox Gallery.
  • Google API.
  • Contact Form.
  • Social Media interaction.

WordPress Woocommerce Training

Setting up woocommerce store
  • Step by step installing Woocommerce.
  • Woocommerce settings.
  • Adding products to Woocommerce.
  • Making a purchase.
  • Orders, Coupons and Reports.
Adding advance woocommerce features
  • Multiple Payment Gateways.
  • Direct Checkout.
  • Product variations.
  • Shipping methods.
Customizing woocommerce
  • Going through Woocommerce file structure.
  • Woocommerce table structure.
  • Product archive and single product page customization.
  • Cart and checkout page customization.

WordPress Plugin Development

Basic plugin development
  • WordPress Plugin architecture.
  • Action and Filter.
  • Creating tables on plugin activation.
  • Plugin admin settings.
  • WPDB.

Tips and Tricks for WordPress Security and Speed Optimization

Will be covered in single Module.

SEO Support and W3C Validation

Will be covered in single Module.

What is WordPress Design & Development Services?

With every single business turning online WordPress now powers more than 30% of the website domains, and the number is fast rising with every passing day. Additionally, those who are looking forward to a settled IT job along with a really good future market value must have knowledge of WordPress CMS.

WordPress is an open source platform used to design the most functional service & eCommerce websites, blogs, web pages, chat functionality, web app and much more. Owing to its attractive looks, easy to customize, and SEO friendly, and cost-effective features its worth to learn WordPress step by step in Hindi, Bangla or English.

The popularity and ease to use WordPress has given birth to a series of problems and also a few benefits. Since WordPress is all plug and play, everyone claims to be an expert and you will be unable to find a genuine one with complete knowledge of the WordPress Ecosystem.

As a WordPress training center in Kolkata, we make sure that our students come across the cookie cutter solutions and become efficient in designing pixel perfect WordPress Website Themes and develops custom websites easily.

What kind of WordPress Jobs are available in Kolkata?

As a City of Joy, Kolkata is the commercial, cultural and educational center for East India. The city offers numerous job opportunities and research has shown there are over 1000 WordPress Jobs.

The Available Jobs Are:

  • WordPress Developer
  • WordPress Course Trainer
  • PHP Developer WordPress HTML
  • WordPress Theme Developer
  • WordPress Plugin Developer
  • Content Marketing Manager

Who Can Take Up WordPress As a Profession?

Although it is a technical platform, no such background is necessary to pursue it as a career.  Individuals will need a minimum of an associate’s degree to work as a WordPress developer. But more technical positions may require a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field.

My Tutor, as a WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata, will help you gain a background in this field. Our experts will provide you with web certification, guidelines for professional and ethical standards, and technical support.

The high demand of WordPress Website created a lot of Job vacancies. After completing the course, who knows you can grab one of these positions in MNCs or top web and Mobile Designing and development Companies. Therefore, have a consultation with us soon!

Frequently Asked Questions on WordPress training in Kolkata

How Do I Enroll Myself for advanced WordPress development course at My Tutor?

Enrolling your name for advanced WordPress development course or WordPress-theme-and-plugin-development-course is extremely easy as you can give us a direct call or WhatsApp us at +91 9123055737. You can also contact us by sending your details through the contact us form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Will I Have To Attend The Course In Classrooms?

My Tutor is an online WordPress training Institute. Therefore, the timing of online classes is arranged according to your preferences.

Will There Be Job Assistance Or Placement Facilities?

My Tutor has various connections and tie-ups with top PHP Development companies in Kolkata. Hence, according to performance, our mentors will provide you job assistance.

I Am Not From A Technical Background Can I Join Your Course?

WordPress is extremely user-friendly, you do not need to have technical Knowledge. Anyone can be part of this course. All you need is the eagerness and dedication to learning the management system.

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